The Amsterdam Beer Festival

7, 8, 9 SEPTEMBER 2018


Thirteen years ago the story of the Prael brewery began. Two founders, Fer and Arno, decide to combine their background in psychiatric nursing with the brewing of beer. Within this combination, the brewery has the vision to provide work for people with distance to the labor market. This approach has proved a winning combination.

Brewery the Prael exists at the time of a brewery, shop and tasting room which are situated in a former auction house and cartwright company at the Oudezijdsvoorburgwal in Amsterdam. This is one of the oldest places of the city. As early as 1300 this used to be the beer quay where beer was imported in the city which was transported in wooden ships from Germany.

Later on, the first breweries of Amsterdam were founded in the same area. The place fits perfectly with the traditional way of brewing at this brewery.

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